The youth are showing up in droves at the CDC this season. We have created more space for youth to race with us this season, including more consolidation to keep youth friends racing together on the same day, while also adding more categories to promote proper seeding of youth on the right course and level of competition


  1. We have added more spots for youth with age-based Junior Expert racing categories to the lineup on Sundays at the CDC.  
    These categories will race the same CDC Pro/Expert course as our elite Junior Expert Open racers on Saturday:

    • Junior Expert 11-13​

    • Junior Expert 14-16

    • Junior Expert 17-18

  2. To consolidate youth into more days together, please note the following changes to the race day for ALL Junior Expert racers (OPEN + Age-Based):

    1. Junior Expert Open will race on:

      • SATURDAYS at these events:

        • Tiger, Raging, North Mountain

      • SUNDAYS at these events:

        • Ashland​, Galbraith, North Slope* 
          *Junior Expert Open racers currently registered at North Slope will automatically be moved to Sunday;

          We will reach out directly via email to these racers to communicate this change;
          Full refunds will be offered to anyone that is not able to make the new race day.


    2. Junior Expert Age Based categories will race on:

      • SATURDAY at this event:

        • North Mountain

      • SUNDAYS at these events:

        • Tiger, Raging, Ashland, Galbraith, North Slope


Sunday youth racers compete on the same exact courses as Saturday, the only difference is who they race against - youth in their age bracket. This is the appropriate placement for youth under age 17 and/or just moving up to the CDC Pro/Expert course this season. Younger youth or those who do not have at least one full year on the CDC Pro/Expert course must have permission from the series director to race in Junior Expert OPEN on Saturday. Proper seeding of youth on the right course and level of competition promotes a steady progression in the sport. Youth results this season will determine who is eligible to race on Saturday at the CDC in 2023 as a Junior Elite racer. 

The new Junior Elite category will be on Saturday at the CDC starting in 2023, by invite only for elite youth ready to race at this level, demonstrated by:

  • 1-2 years experience racing the CDC Pro/Expert course

  • Consistent podium wins in the most recent season

  • Top 10 finish in 2022 series overall results


The current Junior Expert OPEN will be eliminated in 2023, only age-based junior expert categories will remain. Youth "racing up" this year in Jr Expert OPEN may feel relegated if they don't make the cut to Junior Elite in 2023 and are placed in an age-based category instead. We have attempted to reach out to every youth to discuss YOUTH RACING categories and options. If you still have questions or need to make changes to your youth category, please REACH OUT before the season starts so we can make sure you're setup for success.


Are you a youth racer that can't get enough, or wanting to test yourself in another category? For any youth wishing to race on both Saturday and Sunday, they will need to select one category to race competitively for points and awards, the other will be considered practice or extra training, where we can give the racer their stage times but they will not be able to take podium wins or points and they will  be listed in the results but not scored. Please remember that youth racing Junior Expert must compete in at least 4 races in the same category to be eligible for series points and awards (3 races for Junior Sport, Youth Novice and Youth Enduro Lite.)

Questions? Please REACH OUT.


Looking for the registration links? Youth use the Cascadia Dirt Cup registration links to signup.