HOW DO I JOIN THE WAITLIST? If you find that a round of the CDC is sold out, then an option to join the waitlist for that round will be provided on the CDC registration Page. You will register just as if you're racing, however your card will only be charged a $1 fee to hold your spot on the waitlist. You will not be charged anything additional unless we are able to move you into race. If/when a spot does open, you will automatically be moved to the race, and your card will be charged for your entry at that time. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know you've been granted a spot.

I DIDN'T GET IN, BUT REALLY WANT TO RACE! CAN YOU PLEEEEASE SQUEEZE ME IN? It's mutual, we want you there too, and we haven't completely given up and you shouldn't either. The waitlist closes two weeks before the event. The reason is two-fold. Racers agree when they sign up, to automatically be moved into a spot once their name is at the top of the list and a spot opens. They put their credit card on file, to allow this to happen. We need a cutoff date for this automated process, as it's not reasonable to expect racers to be open and available up until the final moment. If you didn't get offered a spot before the waitlist closed, and you're available for a last minute spot, LET US KNOW! This is our best pro tip to getting into a sold out event in the final hour. The waitlists can be long, and you may never reach the top, but don't give up, and we won't either.

HOW WE FILL SPOTS Spots will be filled in the order of the waitlist. Spots open weekly, and will start opening daily the closer we get to the race. We have much more time on our side for events later in the season, so always make much more progress on those waitlists. The season opener is always the hardest as we have lots of eager racers starting a new season. We fill spots as they become available, and even if there isn't much movement on the list in the earlier months, things start flying as we get closer to the event. Folks often wait for months, which means the list is quite long, and many spots will be filled in the final few weeks (or even days) before the event.

WHEN/HOW WILL I KNOW I'M IN Racers will know within two weeks of the event if they have received a spot to race. Once we have a spot for you, your credit card will be charged at that time, and you will receive an email confirmation for your entry with receipt for your payment. This is an automated process. If you do not receive a confirmation by this time, we did not make it to your name on the list and we are just as bummed as you are. The two-week cutoff is in the best interest of our racers, as we can’t and don’t expect racers to be able to make last minute arrangements with their schedule, travel, lodging etc. However for racers who are able to take a last minute spot, let us know when you receive notice that the waitlist is closed, and we'll add you to the list for a last minute cancellation!

WHAT IF MY CREDIT CARD CHANGES BETWEEN NOW AND THEN? If your card is declined by the registration system, we will receive an alert notifying us this has occurred. The system automatically fills the spot with the next name on the list. You will however remain on the list and in line for the next spot that becomes available. We will make every reasonable effort to reach out to let you know your card was declined so you can provide a new card for the transaction to be ready to go when the next spot opens and the system makes a second attempt to move you from the waitlist to the race. If the card is declined a second time, your name will automatically be removed from the list until we hear back from you. If you have a credit card change and want to get that updated in advance to prevent missing the first offer, EMAIL US and let us know. That's the safest bet since time is of the essence in those final weeks and days before the race, so it's always better to get things updated well in advance to prevent any problems or missed opportunities.

YAY, YOU’RE IN! (HOPEFULLY IN A HELL YEAH, NO REGRETS KIND OF WAY!) If you did receive a confirmation prior to the waitlist closing, you’re totally in! Do a happy dance, and then let everyone on social media know you’re racing, and tag us so we can join the dance party. 

BUT WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO RACE, BUT YOU FAILED TO LET US KNOW AND WERE GRANTED A SPOT THAT YOU CAN'T USE. Uh oh, but sorry, you're out of luck. Just kidding, well, sort of. If you failed to let us know that you were no longer available for this event and got moved into a spot, then we’ll point you to our REFUNDS AND TRANSFERS page that will inform you of your options, all based on the policies we have set forth, that everyone was required to agree to before joining the waitlist. 

YOU’RE NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO MAKE THE RACE AND KNOW THAT BEFORE RECEIVING A SPOT. HERE’S HOW TO LET US KNOW Great, please let us know! Well, not great that you aren't able to make it, you'll totally be missed. But great if you can let us know before we move you into the race and send you the happy-dance inducing confirmation that you won't be very happy about or dancing to after all. That's just awkward for everyone. As soon as you know you’re not able to make an event, visit our CANCELLATION FORM which will send us a note to remove you from the waitlist and prevent this unfortunate mishap from happening.


I'M WAS IN LIKE FLYNN AND FELT SO LUCKY, AND THEN LIFE HAPPENED AND I CAN'T MAKE IT.  I KNOW IT'S LAST MINUTE, WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Sometimes life gets in the way, happens to us all the time, we get that. And we can't always be as lucky as that guy Flynn. But we are caring folks who want to help when we can in this crazy world. Refunds are no longer available once the waitlist closes, exactly two weeks prior to race day. But we do keep a short list of racers hoping for a last minute spot, and will do our best to play matchmaker and work our magic to transfer your spot to an eager, luckier racer. 


STAY POSITIVE AND OPEN Finally, the very final piece of advice that never goes wrong, no matter the outcome, stay positive and stay open. Keep the date on your calendar, and your schedule open and your mind set on racing. That’s the only way you can accept a spot, by being available to do so. It also the best way to manifest a spot, by believing it can happen, and then see what shakes out. We’ll do our best on our side too, wishing and working hard to make good things happen for as many folks as possible, and hopefully for you too. The waitlist can be super long (over 6 months for many!) BUT for those who've stuck it out all the way to the very end being open right up to the final hour, our track record for getting these patient and persistent folks into a sold out event is very, VERY GOOD! 

WAIT, I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS! Seriously?? Well shoot, I guess our work is never done. We're here if you have questions or need help getting your registration, refund or a transfer sorted out. Unless we're in the woods away from the wonders of WiFi and cell towers. Race week is tough too to stay on top of all the messages coming in, in a timely manner. But SHOOT OVER YOUR QUESTIONS, we will always try our best to help you out or get you pointed in the right direction.