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Race Cascadia x Friends of Capitol Forest


August 12, 2023 | Olympia, WA

Making third wheels cool again, at the hottest race of the season. Happening in the heart of Cascadia at Capitol Forest, where we had our first fling with enduro racing over 10 years ago!


Who's Racing?

3-Person Teams | 100 Teams MAX 

  • Course will be announced week of the race (mid-week). 

  • Be prepared for up to 15 miles of distance and approximately
    3,000' +/- in elevation.

  • Teams will consist of three racers and may be All Women/Girls, All Men/Boys or MORE! (Co-Ed)

  • Entire team must start each stage together or within 20 seconds if spacing is required (i.e. dust). 

  • Each team member must finish each stage of the race for an overall result.

  • Each team member’s stage time is added for a cumulative stage time.

  • All cumulative stage times are added together for the overall race time.

  • Podiums 3-deep.


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Capitol Forest, Fall Creek, Olympia VENUETRAILS

A Discover Pass is required inside Capitol State Forest. BUY


2023 Summer Classic Team Enduro COURSE

All categories race the same course, stages 1-4, in consecutive order:
Stage 1:  Little Larch
Stage 2: 
Green Line, The Switchbacks

Stage 3:  Green Line, Roots of Fury
Stage 4: 
Green Line, The Luge


 9:00 am   All OPEN Categories
0 am   All Ether Categories

 9:20 am   All Wind Categories

9:40 am  All Fire Categories

9:50 am  All Earth Categories

10:00 am  All Water Categories


Some say this is THE MOST competitive part of this race! 

No matter how competitive your team is planning to race, you should

definitely add "biking in team costumes" to your practice regime.

Show your team spirit, pride, panache, or clever puns... hello, Sturdy Dirty ladies who stole the team constume contest last year. Team Dad Bod earned a very Honorable Mention. Fastest across the finish line take home the medals, but most fabulously dressed crossing all the lines take home some some seriously sweet costume prize loot - YEEEWWWW!

Untitled design-12.png



Fall Creek Campground

Margaret McKenny Campground


Middle Waddell Campground


Millersylvania State Park


Other Nearby Camping




🐶 We love our dogs of Cascadia, but please note no dogs are allowed on course at any time, and all dogs must be on leash at the race venue. Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after them - don't leave poop bags in the woods!


Teams will consist of three racers. You can sign up in an age bracket,

or OPEN (highest level of competition!) Age brackets are determined by adding up each team members age for the cumulative team age.

ETHER YOUTH CATEGORIES  Any team with all youth racers 18 & under race in the ETHER category, named for the mysterious substance that permeates the celestial sphere and is purer than any of the four terrestrial elements wind, fire earth and water.

AGE-BASED CATEGORIES ETHER, WIND, FIRE, EARTH, WATER will race on single black to green level trails. Your team's color category is based on your team's cumulative age determined by adding together the ages of each team member. Use the age each team member will be on 12/31/2022, add them together, and find your team's color bracket. (Ether Team only requires that each racer be age 18 or younger.) The costume contest may be the most competitive part of your team's race...

OPEN CATEGORIES are for teams seeking the highest level of racing competition irregardless of age, which is just a number...  Costumes optional, they may slow you down, unless you're savvy like an astrophysicist and capable of applying aerodynamic principles to defy all the laws of nature to propel yourself to the finish line against time, space, matter and motion.


MORE! CATEGORIES are co-ed teams as well as for racers who identify outside the two binary options, to be expansive and inclusive of all people who are non-binary, gender fluid, trans, etc.

YOUTH 18 & Under | ETHER Boys, ETHER Girls, ETHER MORE!

Age 0-90 | WIND Men, WIND Women, WIND MORE!

Age 91-120 | FIRE Men, FIRE Women, FIRE MORE!

Age 121-150 | EARTH Men, EARTH Women, EARTH MORE!

Age 151+ | WATER Men, WATER Women, WATER MORE!




12:00 PM Course marked by noon for unsanctioned practice. Self-shuttling is allowed following the no-dust rule on roads, drive with extreme caution!

3:00 - 5:00 PM Packet Pickup at Fall Creek Shelter, sign your waiver BEFORE you arrive!
5:00 PM -
Super D (Free!) hosted by Friends of Capitol Forest, heavy metal costume theme. It's Free for All rules - rock the trails with as many runs as you can before dark, fastest times win! Meet back at the shelter with something to throw on the grill + BYOB. 


7:00 AM Venue opens 

7:30 AM Packet pickup starts in the race venue 
8:35 AM Mandatory racer briefing
8:55 AM Team call ups start by category (call up schedule TBA)

9:00 AM First wave of teams off
4:00 PM Podium awards* with medals 3-deep

*Podiums awards are within 20 minutes of last rider turning in their timing chip; time is approximate and subject to change.


When: 10 am – 3pm Sunday August 13 

Where: Fall Creek Shelter Map

Cost: FREE!
Friends of Capitol Forest is keeping the party going strong with another day of MTB fun in the forest following the Team Enduro… It’s the first ever Friends of Capitol Forest MTB Festival to celebrate the South Sound mountain biking community, and racers, you are all INVITED! There will be two shuttle trips to the top of Greenline 6 with FOCF's brand new 16-bike Huckwagon trailer, $10 suggested donation or FREE for FOCF members!

  • Shuttles

  • Guided Rides

  • Food + Drink

  • Log Pull Contest

  • Raffle + MORE!

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