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2024 Registration Fees
$125/Single Race Entry

Pro Women
Pro Men

U21 Pro Men

Vet Pro Men (40+)


Hard Tail Open

Expert Women 19-29
Expert Women 30-39

Expert Women 40-49
Expert Women 50+

Expert Men 19-29

Expert Men 30-39

Expert Men 40-49

Expert Men 50-59

Expert Men 60+

Open MORE!

E-Bike Open Women

E-Bike Open Men

Sport Women 19-29

Sport Women 30-39
Sport Women 40-49
Sport Women 50+

Sport Men 19-29

Sport Men 30-39

Sport Men 40-49

Sport Men 50-59

Sport Men 60+


Sport MORE!

E-Bike Sport Women

E-Bike Sport Men


Beginner Women
Beginner Men


Beginner Girls

Beginner Boys


Lite Girls

Lite Boys


Jr Expert Girls 13-15

Jr Expert Girls 16-18

Jr Expert Boys 13-14

Jr Expert Boys 15-16

Jr Expert Boys 17-18


Jr Sport Girls 12 & Under

Jr Sport Girls 13-15

Jr Sport Girls 16-18

Jr Sport Boys 12 & Under

Jr Sport Boys 13-14

Jr Sport Boys 15-16

Jr Sport Boys 17-18


  ❕Use your age on 12/31/2024 to determine your age division if racing in an age-based category❕   

Racers self-seed in the category that is the best fit for their skill level, desired level of competition, and age bracket if competing in an age-based category. Please note that your age bracket is determined by your age on 12/31/2024.


MORE! is category is created to expand the gender categories beyond the two binary options to be inclusive of all people who are non-binary, gender fluid, etc. If you have any questions or input on the topic of gender identity and how we can better serve you and all people and genders, please reach out!


PRO / EXPERT / JR EXPERT / HARD TAIL/ VET PRO 40+ & U21 PRO riders compete on the same course with the distinction being a higher level of skill and competition between these categories. The course is typically around 15-20 miles, up to 5,000 feet (+/- a few hundred feet) and 4-6 stages on a mix of blue, black and double black trails. Pro riders are the elite athletes of our sport. They are extremely competent at jumping, drops, cornering and technical rock or trail features. A pro rider can ride any trail in any condition at race speed without hesitation. Expert riders are comfortable with most obstacles they encounter on a trail as well as loose terrain and technical rock gardens.  They ride most trail features but may occasionally take an alternate line. 

U21 PRO MEN Riders compete on SATURDAYS in on the same course, in the same call up wave as the pro men. This category is for the under 21 year old boys and men who are not finding competition in their age categories and looking to step it up a notch and start striving for the pro category. U21 does not have a cash purse and is application only. Application form will be on the site on 1/1/2024.  

SPORT / JR SPORT riders have some mountain bike experience but may be happier traveling down a trail at slower speeds. They may be newer to racing, and eager to compete against other racers at a similar skill level. Sport racers can ride many trails but will not hesitate to take an alternate line around more technical sections/features above their skill. A sport course is typically under 15 miles, approximately 3,000 feet (+/- a few hundred feet) and 3-4 stages on a mix of blue and black trails – sport riders do not do any double black level trails. 

BEGINNER COURSE is for those moving from being riders to racers. They have experience mountain biking and are ready test their skills in a competitive race environment. A beginner course is typically between 10-15 miles, up to 2,000 feet (+/- a few hundred feet) and 2-3 stages on mostly blue with occasional black trails.

E-BIKE racing is only available at venues where e-bikes are permitted. When available, E-bike racers compete on the same CDC courses with E-Bike Open on the CDC Pro/Expert course and E-Bike Sport on the CDC Sport course. All E-Bike categories race on Saturdays, when available.

LITE YOUTH is for our 18 & under racers who are new and unsure if racing is for them but would like to dip their toes into the world of the CDC. Racers should have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of mountain biking, as the single stage will only be as accommodating as the venue allows. A LITE YOUTH COURSE is going to be under 10 miles, have one stage, and about 1,000' of elevation gain. 

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