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CDC Round 3


July 29-30, 2023 | Olympia, WA


The North Slope Enduro will be staged out of the A5000/A-Line cossing above stormy and bowfinger. Unfortunately due to repairs happening at the ORV moto park, we are not able to secure out usual space this year. Thankfully for future years, the county is excited for the CDC to return as soon as their repairs are finished, so bear with us for this round, and we'll be back to our usual program soon.

In the mean time there are also several great camp grounds and KOA's in the area for your convenience


FOOD + WATER - Bring more than you think you'll need! Plan to carry at least 50 ounces  of water on you at all times while riding, plus carb and protein rich snacks to have on hand throughout the day. The aid station on course is not intended to be your sole support, it's intended for water top-offs and  food to supplement you. Proper preparation goes a long way in preventing emergencies on race day.

HELMETS / BODY PROTECTION Helmets must be worn at all times while on course, on both the transfers and race stages. If you're pedaling you must have your helmet securely fastened or risk disqualification. A full face helmet is highly suggested, but not mandatory. Additional body protection to consider are gloves, knee pads, eye protection, neck braces, chest protection, elbow guards, etc.

COURSE MAP Download the Trailforks App to your mobile device with updated regional maps including the event course links released on Wednesday evening of race week; if you do not have a mobile write down the course details with stage names and order to carry with you during the event, found in the race guide or on the information board in the main venue.​

TRASH - Pack it in, pack it out. Please help us keep the forest clean while we're guests at the race venue. 
TOOLS - Pack a small tool kit with puncture repair kit + multi tool for on the fly trailside repairs
- Consider a basic first aid kit with sunscreen, bug spray and bandaids to take care of the bites, burns, stings and things. A waterproof jacket, emergency blanket and whistle area all good ideas too!


Wednesday, July 27 Course announced by 9 PM on our website and social media feeds

Friday, July 28 Course marked  by 2pm  for unsanctioned practice, including Sunday youth race courses​; There is NO SHUTTLING permitted at North Slope. Only racers in the E-bike category are allowed to practice on E-bike. It's grounds for disqualification if anyone not racing in the E-Bike category ride E-bike for any portion of practice. Sunday youth racers who can't make the Friday practice are welcome to practice Saturday AFTER the race. Please check in with us at the race venue to make sure the course is cleared. If the podiums are underway, everyone is back in and you're free to start pedaling up. Again, no shuttling is permitted at North Slope Friday through Sunday for this event.

Friday 3-6 PM Pickup your race packet after practice in the event venue, then join us for Happy Hour + Volunteer Appreciation with Friends of Capitol Forest


2023 North Slope Beginner Course

2023 North Slope Sport Course

2023 North Slope Pro/Ex/Hardtail Course


Pro/Expert, Hard Tail Open, E-Bike, Sport 19+, Beginner 19+

7:00 AM Venue opens  

7:30 AM Packet pickup starts in the venue 
8:45 AM Mandatory racer briefing
8:55 AM Racer call ups start (call up schedule TBA)

9:00 AM First wave off

1:00 PM Food truck opens
4:30 PM Podium awards

0900 - Pro Women

0905 - Pro Men

0915 - All Expert Women + E-Bike Open Women
0925 - Expert Men 19-29, Open MORE!

0935 - Expert Men 30-39
0945 - Expert Men 40-49

0955 - Expert Men 50+, Hard Tail, E-Bike Open Men

1000 - All Sport Women + Sport E-Bike Women

1005 - Sport E-Bike Men

1015 - Sport Men 19-29

1025 - Sport Men 30-39

1035 - Sport Men 40-49

1045 - Sport Men 50+

1055 - All Beginner Women, Men, MORE!

The call up location is in the race venue – meet there at least 10 minutes before your call up time for roll call. ⚠️ Every racer will be checked to make sure they make they go out at their assigned time - any racer not present at their call up will be disqualified. There are absolutely NO early starts or going out with a different category without prior permission from the race director. 

RACE DAY 2: July 30

Junior Expert , Junior Sport, Youth Beginner 

7:00 AM Venue opens  

7:30 AM Packet pickup starts in the venue 
8:45 AM Mandatory racer briefing
8:55 AM Racer call ups start (call up schedule TBA)

9:00 AM First wave off

1:00 PM Food truck opens
4:30 PM Podium awards

0900 - All Jr Expert Girls

0910 -Jr Expert Boys OPEN

0920 - Jr Expert Boys 17-18
30 - Jr Expert Boys 14-16, 11-13

0935 - All Jr Sport Girls
0945 - Jr Sport Boys 17-18

0955 - Jr Sport Boys 15-16

1005 - Jr Sport Boys 12 & under,13-14

1010- Youth Beginner Girls + Boys

*Podiums awards are within 20 minutes of last rider turning in their timing chip; time is approximate and subject to change.

Medals 5 deep for all categories. Pro Purse Payout 3 Deep at $500, $250, $100 with equal payouts for men and women.

Must be present on podium to receive payouts and awards.

Complete at least four CDC races in the same category (3 races for youth and E-bike racers*) to be eligible for CDC Series Overall points and awards.

*E-Bike racers earn series points at CDC Hood River and North Slope Enduros.


Capitol Forest Campgrounds

It's every racer's responsibility to read the rulebook prior to racing. If we

haven't mentioned it here in the race guide, it's probably in the rulebook:




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